From serving tea to selling loose leaf tea online

From serving tea to selling loose leaf tea online

How we began – Chai Kai Tea House & Eatery, St Ives, Cambridgeshire.

So, Chai Kai Tea Co started out as Chai Kai Tea House and Eatery in St Ives, Cambridgeshire.  Chai Kai Tea House was founded by two brothers which was primarily ran by the younger brother, Ray. The loose leaf teas were paired up with authentic Indian inspired street food which subsequently proved to be wildly popular with the locals. Within weeks of opening, it became the no 1 spot on Trip Advisor and held that position for the full duration of its existence.


Very shortly after the opening of the tea house, Ray got married (to me) and was forever destined to live happily ever after!

Little Baby Chai Kai & Chai Kai Tea Co

Our marriage was the perfect blend (excuse the pun) of humanitarian turned tea merchant meets tea obsessed urbanite.  During this time, little baby Chai Kai came along in December 2015 and turned the world upside down! For this reason, it lead to a change in direction for Chai Kai Tea House.  Much to the disappointment of our local fans, we closed Chai Kai Tea House and after a  year long hiatus, we are really excited to relaunch our original collection of loose leaf teas online.

As a result, Chai Kai Tea Co was born with a new look and bespoke hand designed logo by Jon May illustrations who took inspiration from hand painted shop signs of India.  The old logo was tweaked to reflect our online loose leaf tea products and the final design was chosen with the help of our lovely loyal customers.

Original Chai Kai logo inspired by hand painted shop signs of India



New Logo for Chai Kai Tea Co

The Chai Kai Loose leaf tea Collection

We are immensely proud of our premium quality loose leaf tea collection. I would say what makes our tea so popular with our customers is the care and inspiration behind our flavours.  Each blend has been carefully crafted, inspired by the colours and culture of South Asia that delivers delicate teas full of taste and quality.

All the loose leaf teas are hand picked from the finest tea gardens around the world, from the lush valleys of the Himalayas to the tea farms of South Africa.  The teas and ingredients are also ethically sourced and then hand blended right here in the UK.

Bespoke Collection exclusive to Chai Kai Tea Co

One of the key features of Chai Kai Tea Co is that we only offer a limited number of blends in our exclusive and bespoke range.  After all,  each tea blend has been crafted, each has a story inspired by our family background and traditions.

Within our bespoke collection, we offer a lovely selection of herbal infusions such as the vibrant Mango & Lime, Peppermint & Cardamom, Lemongrass and Ginger and Ayurvedic Chamomile.  Along with Honey Nut Rooibos, these blends are caffeine free and boast multiple health boosting properties.

However, our signature blend, Vanilla Chai has proven to be massively popular with our customers and almost sold out within 72 hours of our website launch.  In other words, it tastes amazing!  But don’t take our word for it, have a try and find out why.


Customer Reviews of Chai Kai Tea

See what just some of our customers have to say about our loose leaf teas below:

“Honey Nut and Rooibos tea is superb” Lizanne Carran

“I now have a new favourite drink –chocolate chai!” Angela Jupp

“A lovely cup of tea especially Bombay breakfast” Gary Hawkins

“This really is a gem, the tea selection was wonderful” Andrew Martin

“I can recommend the mango and lime tea” Louise Wilkinson

“Vanilla Chai tea – really tasty” Liz Hooke

New Blends

In addition to our complete original collection brought back by customer demand, we also added 4 new fantastic blends including Turmeric Root Chai, Chilli Chai, Coconut Rose and Ayurvedic Chamomile. These phenomenal blends are exquisite in taste and appearance with Tumeric Root Chai and Coconut Rose proving to be a big hit.


Furthermore, all the teas are available in 100g loose leaf pouches as well as 20g samplers.

Loose Leaf Tea vs Tea bags

Though we specialise in loose leaf tea, we have 6 blends available in pyramid infusion tea bags too. The following loose leaf tea blends are currently available in tea bags –

Vanilla Chai

Mango & Lime

Peppermint & Cardamom

Lemongrass & Ginger

Bombay Breakfast

Jasmine Green

Coming up……

We have lots of exciting things coming up at Chai Kai Tea HQ.  In the meantime, we are working with our Master Tea Blender, tinkering away with new blends.  We love experimenting and discovering exotic ingredients to use in our blends. Some of the flavours we are brewing up include Black Seed Tea Blend, Kulfi inspired tea blend, Sweet Tamarind Infusion and many more.

Also, if you have any suggestions, we would also love to hear your ideas.  Please email your suggestions to

Finally, we hope you enjoy our new website and would welcome any feedback in the comments below.  Remember, if you subscribe to our newsletter, you get 10% off your order.

Drink Tea and Prosper xx

Vanessa J Darjeeling

Chai Kai Tea Co.



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